Thursday, 21 May 2015

All Things Colleen Hoover!

I started out reading Colleen Hoover when our book club, Between the Covers, suggested Maybe Someday as the Book of the Month. I totally wasn't prepared for an author such as this. To say I was blown away... literally blown. away. by her writing is/was an understatement. Every book I've had the pleasure of reading since then, has continued to surpass my expectations!

My favorite all time of Colleen's is Confess and it's only been out about a month. But in that time frame, I've read it about ... oh 4 times already. I loved every aspect about it. Here is my review of Confess by Colleen Hoover:

Prepare to lose a little bit of yourself...

Yet another WOWSA from Colleen. It goes without saying that I'm a Colleen Hoover fan. I think her books just continuously surprise me for the better and offer something new for me to love. I loved the entire premise of this book. I loved that it was based off of real confessions from her readers, I loved that there is an artist (Danny O'Connor) who produced the stunning artwork that is not only read about but SEEN in the book, no matter the digital or paperback version. I loved everything about it. I read it with almost a bit of trepidation, in fear I might read my own confession in there!
Another reviewer mentioned that they didn't like at the end how there was this culmination of issues and plot twists... and I can see that. However, I truly felt that this is a typical style for Colleen. I don't necessarily see that as a downside though. I gave this book 4.5★ only because I had the most difficult time following the jump at the very end. I was at a loss as to how any relationship could exist with such a secret as large as that between them. But life is unpredictable as I well know, and this was only the beginning of theirs. So who really knows what their future holds? Maybe one day down the road a true revelation will exist.

On another note, I loved what this book brought out in her readers. As a fan of Colleen, I follow her on social media. The honesty and confessions that this book brought out were amazing. heartbreaking. wrenching. disgusting. hilarious. Like with everything she touches, a wealth of emotions were brought forth. And OMG the gnomes!

Thank you Colleen.

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