Thursday, 27 August 2015

What would you do with #MoreMinutes - treasure the time you have and make the most of life!

This beautiful lady is my mother - I cherish the friendship we have and the bond that is evident for my own daughters to witness and hopefully want for themselves as they mature. 

Today, as she does every 1.5 years or so, she donated just over 13" of her hair to Wigs for Kids - I love her heart and that she always gives back to so many. While at Great Clips she saw a sign that asked what she would do with #moreminutes - without batting an eye or pausing to think about it, she said she'd spend more time with her granddaughters which is hard for her to do with a full time job and somewhat limited mobility. 

I would wish for her to have some more minutes just to go do something fun with the girls. It always seems like the only time she can spend with them is when we're running errands or going to appointments. She's been a rock for me during the trials of having had 3 preemie babies in the NICU and I honestly don't even want to try and imagine what my life would be like when we run out of those minutes. Don't take time for granted. That's my PSA for today!

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